About Us

We started Countrywide Vehicle Contracts in 1996, with a background of supplying vehicles to driving schools. Things soon developed and we worked from a small office in Brentwood. In those days , the fax machine would be ringing all day with new enquiries gained from advertising in the likes of What Car and Top Gear. Email was checked occasionally, but by no means was the major channel of communication it is today. 

Over the years the majority of our customers became friends. I believe we look after clients very well, and will always go the extra mile to help them wherever possible. These days it is not uncommon to be chatting to a client on WhatsApp or text at 10pm on a Sunday evening. If we can help, we will.

I like to think this is what has made us a little to some of the other companies out there. We want our clients to stay with us long term. Hopefully we continue to make them feel the same.

My son Daniel has in the past year taken a major roll in the business and I know he has the same principles, perhaps with a few more modern twists for the future.

Business has changed over the years, different regulations, and ways of communicating, but one thing that remains firm from us, is our commitment to do our very best for every client, new and old.

We would love to look after you too.

Bradley Thurgood, Managing Director

What we do

Listen to our customers

Have great relationships with our customers

Offer help, advice and expertise to our customers

Provide great value leasing deals on vans, cars and pickups

How we do it

By working in partnership with the UK's top leasing funders

By having an extensive range of suppliers for all makes and models

By having staff who have the customers best interest at heart

By having a company philosophy prioritising customer service over "just getting the deal"

Here to Help

If you are confused with the different options available for funding your next vehicle, need to tie in disposing of your current car, or just want some friendly advice, we are here to help and would love to speak to you.