The ULEZ Expansion: How will this affect me?

By Daniel Thurgood
The ULEZ Expansion: How will this affect me?

What is the ULEZ?

The Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) is an initiative aimed at improving air quality and public health in London. Starting from 29th August, the ULEZ will expand across all London boroughs – having a significant impact on many of our customers who live in the area.

This means that the ULEZ regulations apply to the entire Greater London area. Previously, the ULEZ was limited to central London, but from 29th August 2023, it will be extended to cover all boroughs within the boundaries of the M25 motorway, extending into some areas of Essex, too. Therefore, whether you are driving in central London or in the outer suburbs, if your vehicle does not meet the ULEZ emissions standards, you may be subject to daily charges of £12.50.

This handy guide will explore the reasons behind the ULEZ expansion, the vehicles affected, available exemptions, and the challenges individuals and businesses may face. As a trusted vehicle supplier in the South East, we’ll be showing you how we plan to support our customers through this transition.

Why is the ULEZ Expansion Being Implemented?

The ULEZ expansion is being implemented with the intention of clearing London's air and improving public health. By establishing stricter emissions standards, the ULEZ aims to reduce harmful pollutants and encourage the use of cleaner, more environmentally friendly vehicles.

The big question - Will my car be affected?

While the majority of cars in outer London already meet the ULEZ emissions standards, certain vehicles may be subject to daily charges if they do not comply. If you drive a petrol vehicle over 16 years old or a diesel vehicle over 6 years old, you may be affected. To determine if your vehicle meets the ULEZ standards, you can check the registration date with the DVLA or use the official TfL vehicle checker detailed below.

Minimum Emission Standards:

Petrol cars: Generally, cars registered with the DVLA after 2005 meet the ULEZ standards, although compliant vehicles have been available since 2001.

Diesel cars: Generally, cars registered with the DVLA after September 2015 meet the ULEZ standards.

Can I check if my car will be affected by the ULEZ?

TFL offer a handy tool which will help you check if your current vehicle is compliant:

Are there any exemptions?

There are certain exemptions and discounts available for specific vehicle types. Disabled Londoners will benefit from extended exemptions until 24 October 2027, and there are additional grace periods for wheelchair accessible vehicles and individuals receiving certain disability benefits. Historic tax class vehicles and not-for-profit organisations operating minibuses used for community transport may also be eligible for temporary discounts from the ULEZ daily charge.

London-based small businesses, micro businesses, sole traders and charities with new vans or minibuses ordered, or non-compliant vans or minibuses being retrofitted that will not be ready until after the ULEZ expansion, may also be eligible for a new short-term grace period which should make things a little easier.

So, how will the ULEZ affect me?

If you drive a vehicle that does not meet the ULEZ emissions standards, it’s likely you will a daily charge of £12.50 when driving within the zone. Its important to note that if your vehicle remains parked throughout the day, you do not need to pay the ULEZ charge but even if you make a short trip, you will need to pay the daily charge. Charging days run from midnight to midnight. So, if you drive within the ULEZ area across two days, for example, before midnight and after midnight, you will need to pay two daily charges.

The ULEZ expansion presents various challenges for our customers, including finding a suitable ULEZ compliant vehicle, selling non-compliant vehicles, and being able to afford a new vehicle.

It’s also worth considering that the ULEZ expansion would affect the value of non-compliant cars over time, as they will be seen as less desirable.

So, what’s the impact when it comes to vehicle financing?

CVC is a leading provider of car finance in Essex, and we anticipate a significant increase in demand for vehicles that meet the ULEZ emissions standards, especially electric and hybrid models. With the ULEZ expansion, we are proactively preparing to help our customers in upgrading to ULEZ-compliant cars and vans. Our vehicle finance offer flexible terms and competitive rates, to make sure the swap is as affordable as possible.

It’s likely that many of our customers will choose to sell their non-compliant vehicles to avoid the ULEZ charges. At CVC, we aim to simplify the process by offering part-exchange options, making it easy for you to transition to a compliant vehicle. Even if your current vehicle does not meet the ULEZ standards, we may be able to purchase it from you. Our aim is to support you at every step of the journey, to help streamline the process and alleviate any concerns you may have about selling your car. We’ll help you navigate the ULEZ changes confidently and efficiently.

The ULEZ expansion in London is a crucial step toward reducing pollution and improving air quality. While the majority of cars already meet the emissions standards, those with older petrol or diesel vehicles may face daily charges.

Our aim is to support our clients to enable them to change to compliant vehicles in as cost effective manner as possible.

We are there every step of the way;

1. Current vehicles purchased even if not ULEZ compliant subject to condition etc.

2. New vehicles supplied with all types of finance for business and personal clients.

3. Collection and delivery included in our Part Exchange quotes.

4. Personal support throughout the years of your agreement at no extra charge.

By partnering with CVC, our customers can explore suitable financing options to acquire compliant vehicles and adapt to the changing regulations effectively.

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