Electric Moments - Simplifying the switch to an electric car:

Do you want to know what life is like once you switch to an electric car?

A recent ‘Zap-Map’ www.zap-map.com found that 91% of new Electric Vehicle drivers would not return to a combustion engine powered car! Pretty impressive right?

Watch the video to find out more about how simple switching to an EV can be.

Electric Moments - Everything you need to know about charging (but were afraid to ask):

We charge our phones every day, but what about charging cars?

Do you have questions around the cost of charging a car, how long to charge for and where to charge?

‘Range anxiety’ can sometimes be a product of ‘Change anxiety’. Let the Electric Moments Experts demystify and simplify charging, it’s far easier and more convenient than you think.

Electric Moments - Driving Efficiently:

In a lot of ways driving an electric car is the same as driving a combustion engine powered car But there are differences...

Our Electric Moments Experts have so handy tips of how to drive efficiently to maximise every charge.